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Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Sustainable Livelihood Institute is Recruiting...

Positions in SLI

11 April 2015

1.  Programme Co-ordinator  

SLI is looking for a Programme Co-ordinator as a managerial level full-time position in the Institution. 

The following eligibilities are desirable for the person we are looking for:
  • Post-graduate academic background in Rural Development or Sustainable Development, and suitable working experience of minimum one decade in Rural Livelihoods in India, preferably in Tamilnadu, in the areas of designing, implementing, managing, measuring and researching on Rural Livelihoods. Non-academics with innovative and novel working experience in these fields will also be considered.
  • Understanding and commitment to issues of Sustainability. Knowledge including sustainable solutions, technologies and processes that are successful in various parts of India and the world. Hands-on experience in implementing sustainable solutions in rural areas will be given weightage. Dedication to, and carrying convictions on values and necessity of sustainability in rural development and livelihoods.
  • Experience in designing and delivering activity-centered training programmes for rural communities and government personnel, preferably experience in curriculum design, course delivery, coordination of such programmes, impact assessment and review. Experience in management of a similar institute will be considered an additional advantage.
  • Being a good team player with advanced leadership skills.
  • A love of continuous learning.
  • Capacity to write proposals, reports, convene and manage meetings with multi-disciplinary teams and stakeholders.
  • Capacity / experience in working with people of different cultures, languages and nationalities will be given additional weightage.
  • High degree of empathy and open heart.
  • Ability to handle multiple demands in complex situations; flexibility to changes.
  • Ability to trouble-shoot and finish tasks at high speed, and required competence in working with various technology gadgets, including computers, smart phones, tablets, etc. are necessary.
  • Fluent capacity to communicate in speaking and writing in Tamil & English is mandatory; any other Indian language will be an advantage.

The main tasks will include:  
  • Overall co-ordination of the activities of the Institute, in accordance with the goals & values of SLI
  • Actively leading the SLI strategic activity, jointly with the Director and consultants and the governing council of SLI
  • Using the strategic framework to create the Annual Action Plan and detailed programme plan for each year
  • Preparation of course plans for the various courses, and maintaining the details of all courses, course coordinators, course materials and field locations with the Executive Committee of the Institute
  • Liaison with the state and central governments regarding SLI in negotiating the annual budgets, follow-up on the same. Report on behalf of SLI to the governmen 
The work may require some travel within Tamilnadu. 
The remuneration will be at par with the government norms for an equivalent position ( in case of Aurovilians, a regular maintenance will be provided). 

If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding opportunity, please do send your CV with any additional details and two references to sli@auroville.org.in

2.    Administrative Officer - I 

 The following attributes describe the person we are looking for:
  • Qualification and five years of relevant experience in Human Resource Management and / or Administrative position.
  • ‘People person’ may be the best way to describe you. Excellent people management skills and capacity to bond and work with diverse teams and people.
  • Facilitation skills including trouble shooting, high degree of empathy, solid background in adult education, group dynamics & soft skills; sensitivity towards social & cultural dynamics.
  • Commitment to continuous learning and personal growth, to thinking ‘outside the box’.
  • Good documentation and reporting skills.
  • Good command of English & Tamil.

The main tasks will include:

  • Recruiting & managing of Human Resources
  • Team building & soft skills training
  • In-house capacity building, knowledge updates & training
  • Monitor and nurture overall welfare & harmony within team; assist with in-house pulse-taking
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Help in creating and overseeing the SLI Fellowship programme
  • Guiding interns & volunteers
  • Helping with other tasks in the team, including the area of Innovation

The work may require some travel within Tamilnadu. 
The remuneration will be at par with the government norms for an equivalent position ( regular Maintenance for Aurovilians). 
If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding opportunity, please do send your CV with any additional details and two references to sli@auroville.org.in

3.  Administrative Officer - II (with special focus on Communications)

The eligibility for this position includes:

  • Qualification in any of the social sciences with a passion for communication, particularly written.
  • Excellent command over written and spoken communication in English and Tamil.
  • Capacity to sit through learning sessions and meetings, and being able to quickly generate meeting documents and summaries.
  • Capacity to maintain online status and updates of websites, blog, social media and groups through appropriate communication to various entities as detailed in the communication manual of SLI.
  • Dedication to, and inner alignment with deeper values of sustainability.
  • Good command over different communication technologies.
  • Ability to handle multiple and changing tasks under pressure.
  • A love for working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, languages.
  • Team-playing attitude, empathy, open heart &mind.

The main tasks for this role will include:
  • Managing correspondence & phone contacts
  • Responsibility for all communication with various stakeholders
  • Customised writing for various stakeholder groups
  • Help in content writing, teaching materials and event-related communication material
  • Facilitation of other documentation and social research activities of SLI
  • Work with graphic artists, web-designer, photo- & video professionals

The remuneration will be at par with the government norms for an equivalent position, and a regular Maintenance for Aurovilians.  If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding opportunity, please do send your CV with any additional details and two references to sli@auroville.org.in .

4.     Documentation Specialist

The following attributes describe the person we are looking for:
  • Experience in filing, documentation and report writing
  • Good command over written Tamil & English and report writing
  • Understanding and comprehension of the core area of SLI activity – rural livelihoods and sustainable development
  • Love for detailed and systematic work
  • Ability to handle multiple demands under pressure; flexibility and a load of patience
  • A love for working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, languages
  • Excellent working knowledge with various computer applications required to support these tasks. Working with databases will be an added advantage

 Tasks will typically include:
  • Maintenance of all files and reports of SLI
  • Responsible for version control and other documentation processes and reviews
  • Databases & lists: Courses & programmes, networks, team, resource persons, courses & participants, well-wishers, etc.
  • Filing, organising & managing documents
  • Office assistance, printing, photocopying and having curriculum support material ready for each of the programmes
  • Assisting with documentation (courses, events) & research (data collection)
  • Managing calendars on- & offline
  • Electronics maintenance
The remuneration will be at par with the government norms for an equivalent position(regular Maintenance for Aurovilians). If you are interested to a challenging and rewarding opportunity, please do send your CV with any additional details and two references to sli@auroville.org.in.

We look forward to hearing from you!



The SLI is being set up as an autonomously managed institute, jointly formed and emerging out of an ongoing dialogue between the Tamilnadu Rural Livelihood Mission and Auroville, in response to the urgent need for new approaches and thinking in rural development based on the principles of sustainability.

Tamilnadu’s advanced standards of technology in urban areas are in stark contrast to its rural poverty, malnutrition and increasing unemployment, shrinking natural resources, loss of agricultural land and a steady decline in farming, tendencies made worse by globalisation and climate change.

Sustainable livelihoods are able to provide, without further destroying the fragile environment, the means for a healthy way of life, a holistic development, and overall happiness for individuals and communities. SLI believes that to create such livelihoods is not a utopia, but a necessity and a realisable aim.

The SLI aspires to be a bridge between Auroville and rural South Asia, confronting the challenges of globalisation through dynamic localisation, evolving solutions for a humanity in a rapidly changing world by drawing from the wealth of traditional sustainable knowledge as well as the inspirations of the future.

With Auroville as its wider campus, SLI aims to provide a place of learning, growing, teaching, research, experimentation and exchange in all aspects of sustainable livelihood. It will offer regular training programmes for government servants and communities, and platforms where new and pioneering approaches can be conceived and shared between practitioners, policy makers, community resource persons, and all those interested in solutions for a sustainable tomorrow.

What We Stand For

Statement of Purpose

 This statement, written in December 2014 during a series of workshops of the SLI preparatory curriculum team, expresses the basic vision and shared values inspiring us in our work.

We recognise that as human beings we are intimately inter-connected with everything else in the universe, as part of a great Oneness of all being, and that to ensure sustainability on the planet we inhabit, we need to respect and nurture the totality of all beings.

We recognise that humanity today has reached the end of a journey marked by competition, domination and exploitation, and that only a rapid and comprehensive change in our ways of living can avert a global catastrophe and ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for the planet.

We see the present crisis as a unique challenge and opportunity in our collective evolution, where all of humanity’s present systems - social, economic, cultural, educational, political - must be reviewed and transformed to allow the emergence of new and sustainable ways of living on planet Earth. This transformation is so profound that only a complete and pervasive change in human awareness can bring it about.

We learn from the importance of bio-diversity in Nature, to honour and foster diversity in every human sphere, collective and individual. We seek to promote a spirit of fraternity, equity and unity while celebrating diversity in every field of life. We invite in particular a process of continuous mutual learning and co-evolution with the people from the rural communities of Tamilnadu, while welcoming contributions and collaborations from every corner of the world.

We recognise in the age-old science of Yoga, India’s spiritual gift to humanity, the elements for a conscious evolution into a new and universal consciousness which will provide the basis for a sustainable future for all. Similarly, India and Tamilnadu in particular, have a wealth of traditions, knowledge and technologies, ancient but in good part still alive, that can provide the seeds and foundations for a perfectly sustainable, culturally rich and rooted, evolving and innovative, happy and thriving life for all in this part of the country. 

As a team and in all our interactions, we commit to cultivating goodwill, sincerity, honesty, integrity, mutual respect, compassion and care, while encouraging spontaneity, creativity and flexibility, in a nurturing environment that provides space for sacredness, beauty, and Purpose for each one.

We aim to evolve projects that are inspirable, ecologically and locally relevant as well as solidly grounded, that will meaningfully contribute towards a transformed society and world as described above.