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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

reflections in the middle of a transformative programme...

"I just started a small nursery and have distributed about 1500 saplings but then the to visit Pitchandikulam forest and knowing that they have planted over 200000 trees was an overwhelming experience, my only disappointment was that I couldn't meet Mr. Joss who planted these trees in the first place", said a tree planting enthusiastic Young Rural Development official.
"Understanding the impact of the trader-contractor-nexus on the local economy is so important for us to work in the rural livelihood sector, it was a good learning for us to have been exposed to these here", said another Rural Development official.

"The drumming circle was so relaxing and we discovered that there was something related to music in each one of us and perhaps there are other talents hidden in us that we haven't explored in life before", said another...

Aha! moments abound during the 'Stewardship for Sustainable Livelihood' programme with APOs and APMs of the Rural Development Department at SLI.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Colloquium on Ecological Economics of Dr. J.C Kumarappa and Its Relevance to India Today

Social Life Animation India (SOLAI) PRO-GRAM, Katpadi organized 2 days Colloquium on Ecological Economics of Dr. J.C. Kumarappa and its Relevance to India Today at their organization premises on 19th Oct’15 & 20th Oct’15 to strengthen the emerging Ecological Economic thought process among people and the social actors on the ground. Experts from different walks of life participated in this event and presented their papers on various topics and shared their views and experiences. 

Mr. Ramasubramanian, Director SLI presented a paper on J.C Kumarappa’s Vision : an action translation  Just Beginning and shared the experiences of some of the projects such as the Tula Garments, Organic Farmers Market, Poorna Rural Livelihoods Initiative and Sriram Foods. Further he chaired a session on Eco based Rural Entrepreneurship in which Mr. Mohanraj, Director KVIC (MSME) (Retd), Secretary – Palm Products Research and Promotion Foundation presented his paper on Palmyra Trees for Development (Palm Gur and Palm Products).

Report by: Mr. Raja Ganesh, Programme Coordinator, SLI

Saturday, 17 October 2015


On the occasion of international rural women’s day it was a call for a change and to celebrate the acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their communities and families. Sustainable Livelihood Institute celebrated this day with sixty women from various rural pockets of Thiruvanamalai, Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram districts. The participants volunteered themselves in decorating, cleaning and making traditional kolams to beautify the SLI campus.

SLI welcomed all in a traditional way with flowers and sweets. Mr. Raja Ganesh, Programme coordinator of SLI introduced the participants and guests about SLI and the purpose of gathering. A short photo presentation on SLI and its different activities especially prepared by Mr. Satish of SLI was played for the participants to give an overview of the activities of SLI. Ms. Pavithra from SLI gave a short talk on women’s empowerment that was quite motivating.  Mr.Lakshmi Narayanan, Liaison Officer, SLI and Ms.Nachal,  Traditional Food expert gave  short speeches on the occasion.  Mr. Alain Bernard, Executive of the IRD Unit, Auroville that hosts SLI also greeted the women gathered on the special day.   

The participants were given two medicinal plant saplings each along with a certificate as a remembrance of this event. Mr. Chandru from SLI explained the medicinal uses and importance of the saplings. A special lunch was arranged for all the participants and guests at SLI.

Friday, 14 August 2015

SLI is looking for a Communications & Documentation specialist

The following position is currently still available at the SLI, and applications are invited for:

  Communication & Documentation Specialist

  • Qualification in any of the social sciences with a passion for communication, particularly written.
  • Excellent command over written and spoken communication in English and Tamil.
  • Capacity to sit through learning sessions and meetings, and being able to quickly generate meeting documents and summaries.
  •  Experience in filing, documentation and report writing
  • Excellent working knowledge with various computer applications required to support these tasks; good command over different communication technologies.
  •  Capacity to maintain online status and updates of websites, blog, social media and groups through appropriate communication to various entities as detailed in the communication manual of SLI.
  • Working with databases will be an added advantage.
  • Love for detailed and systematic work
  • Understanding and comprehension of the core area of SLI activity – rural livelihoods and sustainable development
  • Alignment with the deeper values of sustainability
  • A love for working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, languages.Team-playing attitude, empathy, open heart & mind.
  • Ability to handle multiple demands under pressure; flexibility and a load of patience
  Tasks include:
  • Responsibility for all communication with various stakeholders
  • Managing correspondence & phone contacts
  • Customised writing for various stakeholder groups
  • Help in content writing, teaching materials and event-related communication material
  • Facilitation of documentation (courses, events) and social research activities (incl. data collection)
  • Work with graphic artists, web-designer, photo- & video professionals
  • Organising and maintaining all files and reports of SLI
  • Responsible for version control and other documentation processes and reviews
  • Databases & lists: Courses & programmes, networks, team, resource persons, courses & participants, well-wishers, etc.
  • Office assistance, and having curriculum support material ready for each of the programmes
  • Managing calendars on- & offline
  • Electronics maintenance 
The remuneration will be at par with the government norms for an equivalent position (or a regular Maintenance for Aurovilians).  If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding opportunity, please do send your CV with any additional details and two references to sli@auroville.org.in .

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


  3 - 5
Mon - Wed
Sustainable Agriculture - introductory programme
CLGs involved in Agriculture
3 days
  6 - 7
Thu - Fri
Orientation to Auroville & SLI
2 days
11 - 14
Tue - Fri
Stewardship for Sustainable Livelihoods
4 days
20 - 21
Thu - Fri
Orientation to Auroville & SLI
2 days
24 - 25
Mon - Tue
Ethno-Practices for Cattle protection
VPRC, CP, CRP members
2 days
25 - 27
Tue - Thu
Sustainable Agriculture - introductory programme
CLGs involved in Agriculture
3 days
26 - 27
Wed - Thu
Ethno-Veterinary Practices for Cattle protection
VPRC, CP, CRP members
2 days
28 - 29
Thu - Fri
Ethno-Veterinary Practices for Cattle protection
VPRC, CP, CRP members
2 days
28 - 29
Thu - Fri
Community Enterprise Trouble Shooting Clinics for Enterprises
Bulk loan enterprise receipients
2 days